What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are 8.30am -5.00pm, however on certain plans you can upgrade to 24/7 access for a small monthly fee. A great option for those that need access to the space after hours to connect with their overseas clients.

are there any social events?

We believe that it’s imperative for our members to occasionally join together in something social. What a better way to really get to know your office colleagues than away from the office. Often we will throw Friday night drinks for those that want to join and we always get together for lunch for someone’s birthday. However if you are just a social butterfly and have ideas galore of new social events to implement we welcome it all.

How can I customise my space?

Here at The Space Noosa we evolve with our members as opposed to our members evolving with the business. Everything we do is all member driven. Come and discuss your specific needs with us and let us see what magic we can work. We really love to work with each member on creating the most amazing space for them. When you walk into our gorgeous light filled space and don’t see a desk arrangement that works for you, let’s chat through your needs and then get creating.

Can I use the Boardroom to host a workshop or hire the whole space for a bigger event?

Yes you absolutely can, think book launches, product launches, photo shoots. Anything that will enhance the growth of your business we are all about supporting you how we can. Simply chat to management about how we can help. This opportunity is also available to those that aren’t members.

How does billing and invoicing work?

The Space Noosa is powered by Cobot, allowing members to have access to current upcoming and paid invoices. When you start your membership a prorated invoice to the 1st of the month is raised then all invoices are directly debited on the first of each month. All members receive a reminder 7 days prior notifying them of upcoming funds coming out.

Is there parking available?

Yes. The middle strip directly in front of The Space Noosa is free. You may have to do a few laps etc but most get a park through that section. There is also a free car park one block back that members also use.

Can I put my Business Signage on the building at all?

Yes there are opportunities for decals and signs etc, just speak with management to discuss your options.

What are your security measures for people coming and going?

We have just added an App entry door system, this allows members and pass holders access to The Space and checks you in at the same time. This system offers great security and ease of access for our members.

I have to make a lot of phone calls and worry I’ll be too loud?

Fear not my friend, phone calls made at your desk are absolutely permitted. If of course you require more privacy for certain phone calls you can access the phone booth without booking which is sound proof and available. We really are blessed as we have an amazing crew who each respect one another. And for the people who believe their voice bellows over all, we have three spaces for you to choose from to jump in and make your call. But it’s not a requirement. You are more than welcome to make calls at your desk. This is all part of the known expectations of working in a shared office space.

Do you have a breakout room for lunch?

No but we can go one better and provide you with a river front only a stone’s throw away. We can’t control the weather however but it’s always a sunny day here at The Space Noosa. We have a simple kitchen area that is home to a fridge for your lunch etc, a smoothie machine, a microwave and Grill. Most choose to either take advantage of all the amazing eateries surrounding us or will grab a quick bite at their desk while they slam out another email.
Tea and Coffee is provided for all onsite also.

I like absolute quiet, will your space be quiet enough for me?

If you like library quiet then a shared office space most likely won’t be what you are looking for. In saying that however we certainly haven’t created a call centre environment. There are periods of quiet then periods of small chatter throughout the day. We play music onsite and those that aren’t interested in being social whatsoever just tend to use headphones. Headphones are the universal language for “back off chatty cathy I’m on a deadline”

None of your current plans fit what i’m after? Could you tailor something for me?

Yes of course we can. The Space is a Business Development Hub and if there is something that we can do to help you to continue to work on the development of your business then we are all on board. We are very passionate about seeing local Business Owners/Freelancers/Entrepreneurs reach their goals and achieve their success so whatever we can do to help assist them in this amazing journey we got you!

The person near me breathes heavily. What can I do?

We don’t offer any handholding for situations like this. It’s a space for adults so you simply address what isn’t working for you just as you would in everyday life. We have a code of ethics that we abide by and there are certain things that we absolutely do not condone onsite however little gritty personal grievances are all yours.

Can I bring in my own desk and office chair?

Sorry but it’s a no on this. As much as you just love your own set up rest assured we have a pretty nice one waiting for you. We pride ourselves on having created a lovely space to walk into that is not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to be in. Any issues at all just discuss it with management as we are only invested in you being comfortable so you can be as productive as possible.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Be prepared for a friendly greeting, being introduced to other members even on a trial period. Once joined, we LOVE you to greet other new members as you once were. We are all about making people feel welcome, at ease and comfortable the moment they walk in the door. If you aren’t a people person and prefer to get through the day without having to utter a word to anyone then I don’t recommend a shared office space. Rest assured this isn’t the type of in your face, up and personal kind of environment but we do regard friendliness and a simple hello as a daily prerequisite.

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Open hours: 8:30 to 5:00pm
24/7 access upgrades are available

Visitors by appointment only

Phone or SMS 0435 493 924
Email info@thespacenoosa.com

Address Unit 7, 10 Thomas Street, Noosaville, Q 4566


Get in touch.

Open hours: 8:30 to 5:00pm
24/7 access upgrades are available

Visitors by appointment only

Phone or SMS 0401 847 521
Email reception@thespacenoosa.com

Address Unit 7, 10 Thomas Street, Noosaville, Q 4566


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